to your existing Conference Registration

To add a guest / session / merchandise item / dining event  to your registration: 

1. Log into the Online Conference Registration system at using your email address and your password (typically your financial card #)

2.Go to the My Events page (accessible via the My Events button in left hand navigation bar).

3. Click the Add Session(s) hyperlink to the right of the Event you wish to modify.

4.The Event Registration Wizard will appear with the Available Sessions tab selected.

Sessions that were selected with your initial registration will be grayed out and already selected Also note that Sessions that conflict with previously selected Sessions may not be selected and are grayed out. In short, only Sessions that have not been previously selected or do not conflict with previously (or currently) selected Sessions may be selected. If a Session is canceled from a registration, it becomes available again to add.

6. Once you click the checkbox of the new Session to add, click the Next button at the bottom of the screen to continue with the registration process as you normally would.

When you reach the Confirm & Submit Registration window, the new Session appears in black while the original Session registrations appear in gray. A “registered” notation also appears beside each one.

7. Clicking the Register Now button will successfully add the new Session to the registration.

Note that if you add a Session with an associated Fee and leave it in your Shopping Cart it will be noted on your Confirmation Screen if another attempt is made to add additional Sessions.

6. Complete the registration process as you normally would.

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